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amlodipine besylate tablets

Uses of Amlodipine besylate tablets.

High blood pressure is treated by amlodipine. Kidney problems, strokes, chest pain, a heart attack can be cured by lowering high blood pressure. Amlodipine works as a calcium channel blocker hence amlodipine besylate tablets helps the blood flow easily.
It helps us to increase the ability to do exercise and relife from angina attacks.

Amlodipine will herm for you if you drink alcohol. Take daily even if your blood pressure is normal, always consult with your doctor and take medicine as it is prescribed by your doctor. When you take it, make sure don’t work fast, work slowly, walk slowly, wake up slowly everything you do in your daily life, do it slowly.
Make sure to Store at room temperature and away from moisture, heat, and light.

Drug Interaction.

Interacts with other drugs, make sure to take care of these drugs are Aspirin, atorvastatin, benazepril, cyclobenzaprine, grapefruit, ibuprofen, etc.

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